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Signs You May Need a Root Canal
By Broadway Family Dentistry
September 15, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

No dental treatment strikes fear in the hearts of men and women quite like a root canal. But despite the scary (and exaggerated) root canalreputation, root canal therapy is a therapeutic treatment that actually helps to relieve the pain and potential long term damage caused by a severely decayed or infected tooth. The dentists at Broadway Family Dentistry in Bethlehem, PA, Dr. Rami Khoury, Dr. Harry Shleifer and Dr. Roland Nomie, perform root canal therapy to repair a damaged tooth and save it from possible extraction.

Root Canal Treatment in Bethlehem, PA

In reality, root canals are fairly similar to the process involved in getting a cavity filled. The teeth contain a network of nerves, blood vessels and tissue inside of the tooth known as the pulp. If a tooth becomes infected or inflamed, it can cause excruciating tooth pain and potential long term nerve damage. During a root canal, your dentist will clear any bacteria and damaged pulp tissue.

When is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Your dentist may determine that a root canal is necessary if your tooth is infected or inflamed. The most common causes of infection and inflammation in the pulp are severe tooth decay, or from an injury like a chip or crack that allows bacteria to make its way into the pulp. If you have had multiple treatments or restorations to the same tooth, it may also increase the risk of damage to the pulp tissue in some cases. Despite their reputation, root canal treatments actually help to save your teeth from extractions, which are among the most traumatic dental procedures.

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